How to manually purge (delete) users' data from Archive?


Archived data outside of its retention period is purged (deleted) automatically. If you have set an indefinite retention policy, Archive data will never be purged. You can manually purge users at any time.


Manual purge

A user must have the ‘Purge Archive Users’ permission applied to their role to purge users from Archive.

The 'Purge Archive' functionality allows the manual purging of Archived Mail and Drive data of users who you'd like to remove from Archive either before the retention policy purges the user or for those users with indefinite retention.

To purge a User:

  1. Select Archive from the main navigation menu and then select Purge Archives in the sub menu.
  2. Select the user(s)  you want to purge.
  3. Click Purge Selected.
  4. When purging user data you can choose what data to purge by ticking the tick box under Mail&Chat and/or Drive
  5. Click Purge Archives

Please note: CloudM Archive can only archive historic user chat messages that are available on the Google Hangouts API. So purging of Chat only applies to currently archived Chat from the Hangouts API.

Please note: Once triggered this operation is not reversible. 



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