Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Document Version History

CloudM Migrate supports the migration of version history from Google Workspace to OneDrive and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. This functionality enables users to recover previous versions of files originating from their source environment while utilizing their new destination platform.

What is migrated?

  • My Drive major document version history.
  • Shared Drive major document version history.

The image below illustrates the distinction between major and minor versions and their presentation within the version history section of a document in Google Drive. Major versions will be migrated. Minor versions are not currently supported for migration.

How do I migrate version history?

  • Go to Step 2 (Destination Platform) > Advanced Settings > SharePoint Online and enable the "Migrate previous document versions" option.
  • Select the desired number of previous document versions to migrate for each file from the dropdown menu highlighted below. The options available include 5, 10, 15, 25, or All.

Additional information

  • In some cases, especially if you have a large number of smaller files, you may experience rate limiting which will result in versions failing to Migrate. To resolve this, we recommend increasing the Item Export Delay setting in Step 4 (Config Settings) > Advanced Settings > System. We recommend starting with a setting of 4000.
  • Altering the number of previous document versions in between migrations will lead to the destination document being replaced. Therefore, it is advisable not to modify this setting while a delta migration is in progress, especially if users are actively utilizing the destination.
Migrating previous versions of documents will extend the duration of your migration process. Opting to migrate all versions from the source may significantly prolong the migration timeframe.
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