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Note: This section/page is only available to registered and onboarded CloudM Partners.


CloudM provide training to partners for all modules. These can be added to your partner account and associated to your partner users (via Partner account/Manage my users). 


The available CloudM training courses are displayed in a table. They can be selected to view and edit which users have been allocated access to them.


Training courses table

Note: Some courses are now retired and have been flagged with a red dot icon on the first left Status column - also renamed with [RETIRED] at the start of the course name. 

Select a course to view the enrolled users and make changes. You can also view a list of learners and their name, email address and total progress made for each course they have been assigned.


Note: You can use the 3 dots menu to edit the user. This will take you to the user details page.

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