CSV exports

Note: URL for directing to CSV exports: https://portal.cloudm.io/exports/csv


It’s possible to export table data from the following areas of the portal: 


An Export to CSV file button is provided on the following pages:

  • Order history: Orders/Order history
  • Free trial: Trials/Free trial history
  • Partner account users: Partner account/Manage my users


This allows for additional analysis of the data via a spreadsheet or other compatible system. 

Exports are provided in .CSV format.


When you run an export [clicking the Export to CSV button] you will also be redirected to the CSV exports page within the portal where you can manage the exports you have in queued, in progress or completed.


The export table provides the following information:

  • File name (System generated).
  • Type (System generated from the location within the portal it was requested using the Export to CSV button).
  • Rows (System generated. The total number of rows that were in the table that’s been exported).
  • Last updated (System generated)



  • You can continue to work in the portal while your CSV export is being created. You can come back to this page via the navigation at the top. Please note that exports will be deleted after 7 days.
  • To avoid excessive server load, exports may not start immediately.
  • If an export fails, please try again. If it continues to fail, please contact your account manager. The more details you provide, the quicker they will be able to help.


You can delete exports through this view. Simply select the exports you want to delete using the left hand check-boxes and click the Delete button.



If you need to download a completed export file again use the left hand download icon and it will be downloaded to your local device.

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