Free trial history

Menu location: Trials/Free trial history


To view your free trial history as a table and where required export to a CSV file.


The table provides the following columns:

  • Order number (System generated) (Can sort by column)
  • Date  (System generated) (Can sort by column)
  • Module
  • Domain
  • Ordered by (CloudM Portal user)


In addition, there is a filter available for search results.


Table columns

  • Completed (Start and end date calendar picker)
  • Module (The CloudM module)
  • Platform (Google, Microsoft or Amazon)


Note: The table rows displayed can be switched using the bottom left drop-down menu between 20, 40 and 60 rows.

Note: The table pages can be cycled using the bottom right navigation icons.


Click a free trial row to view the order details:

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