User details

Profile icon

To access your user details simply click the top right-corner circle icon (default with your initials in the center).

Clicking the circle will open a dialogue where you can either select View profile to open your User details page or log out of the portal. 



Note: For ease, your name and email address are displayed at the top of the dialogue.

User details page

The user details page is split into four main sections:

  1. User details
  2. Photo
  3. Address
  4. Portal details


User details

View and edit these details for your CloudM Portal account.

Click the Edit button to make changes.


Note, that some are system fields and can only be edited by an administrator. Please contact for help.


System fields:

  • User type
  • Email
  • Partner


User fields

  • Full name (mandatory)
  • Job title
  • Phone number


Note: This page has the option to opt in or out of CloudM marketing communications.


Here you can change your account photo. 

Click the Change button to browse and upload a new photo.

To remove your photo click the Delete button.


Supported file types:

  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .png

Note: Maximum file size of 16MB and we recommend a square image.


Add addresses by simply clicking on the + ‘plus’ button and you will be prompted to add the following fields:

  • Full name (mandatory)
  • Organization/company name
  • Address line 1 (mandatory)
  • Address line 2
  • City (mandatory)
  • ZIP/Postal code (mandatory)
  • VAT code


You can edit each individual address by clicking the edit icon to the top right of the address field. 

Note: There is also a trash icon for easy deletion of an address you have added.

Portal details

The section provides useful information regarding the status of the CloudM Portal and your account login details plus the option to change your password.


  • Status: the live service status of the CloudM portal.
  • Registration date: the data your account was created.
  • Last login date: the date and time your account was used to log in.
  • Last password change: the date and time your account password was last changed.
  • OAuth account(s): the associated (Microsoft or Google) OAuth account that is connected to your CloudM Portal account.
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