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Menu location: Home

The Home page is the default view when logging into the CloudM Portal.


Note: The left-hand navigation menu switches between the main portal areas.

Note: Return to the Home page anytime by clicking the Home icon on the left-hand menu.

The Home page is separated into two sections:

  1. Quick links
  2. Notices

Quick links

The quick links section is provided to help you access the core features of the CloudM portal directly from your first login view. Note: Currently you cannot modify the quick links yourself.


The notices section provides relevant information when you first log in to the portal and will update if CloudM adds new messages. Keep an eye out here for news, offers and updates.


Found at the bottom left of the screen, the footer provides quick links from any page within the portal.  Click these links to access the page content. Note: Clicking the links will open a new browser tab.


Note: Quick links will change based on the user type logging in so may be different from the above screenshot.


Search domains

At the top center of the page, you can search for a specific domain name.

The list is dynamic and will filter as you begin typing. 

Selecting a domain will open the domain page.


Search bar

CloudM Support & CSV exports

The top right icons provide easy access to CloudM Support and the CSV exports page as follows:


CloudM Support icon

CSV exports icon


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