Azure AD Application

Release 3.44

The following permissions have changed in release 3.44. The table below outlines the changes that have been made and any actions required.

If any of the permissions are not required for your migration, the warning message can be ignored.

Permission Action Comment
ChannelMessage.Read.All Add Permission is required when migration Microsoft Team Channel Messages
Group.Read.All None Permission has been removed
Mail.ReadWrite None Mail.ReadWrite has been downgraded to Mail.ReadBasic
Notes.Read.All None Permission has been removed
Files.ReadWrite.All None Files.ReadWrite.All has been downgraded to Files.Read.All


Resolving any warning messages can be done by simply running the ‘Create Azure Ad Application’ inside CloudM Migrate or running our PowerShell scripts which can be found here.

Alternatively you may wish to update this manually by navigating to and amending the permissions manually.


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