Restoration FAQs

What format do you back up and restore in?

Below is a list of all supported item types and how they get restored: 

  Backed up as Restored as
Google Docs docx Google Doc if under 50MB, docx if over 50MB
Google Sheets xlsx Google Sheet if under 100MB, xlsx if over 100MB
Google Slides pptx Google Slide if under 100MB, pptx if over 100MB
Google Forms Zip containing html of questions and CSV of responses Zip


Note: Smart chips do get backed up but they lose some of their shape during restorations. 


Is version history preserved in restored documents?

No, version history is not preserved in restored documents. When restoring files or Shared Drives the URL changes as we create new copies. Users have the option to apply the same permissions where possible when restoring.

Initial backup is still running. Can I start restoring?

If the initial backup is still running, you won't be able to restore the whole User or Shared Drive but you would be able to see the items that have already been backed up and you would be able to download individual items.

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