What do the different Backup statuses mean?

Initial backups

We automatically retry any items in the initial backup several times.

Initial backups can have one of the following statuses:

Successful - there were no errors, no option to Accept or Retry the backup

Completed with Errors - there were some errors but they were within the tolerance threshold (0.5%), no option to Accept or Retry (we will auto-accept)


a) the whole initial backup job failed and the backup didn’t even start - option to Retry, no option to Accept

b) the initial backup job ran but the number of errors were outside of tolerance threshold - option to Retry or Accept (if accepted the status transitions to Completed with Errors)


What are failed exports/imports?

Failed exports - errors when reading data out of source and putting data into temporary storage (part of our migration functionality)

Failed imports - errors when reading from temporary storage and writing into cloud storage (part of our migration functionality)

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