How to delete Archive bucket / How to disconnect Archive bucket


The recommended approach to delete an Archive bucket:  

  1. Make a different bucket the default - select the bucket in the Storage Configuration section and click Set as default
  2. Clear the data in the bucket you want to delete by reducing the retention period via CloudM (once the retention period is over, the purge operation will delete data from cloud storage as well as the relevant rows in our database)
  3. In Storage Configuration find the bucket you want to delete and click Disconnect
  4. Delete the bucket in your cloud storage


If you want to move archived data between buckets please refer to this article.



You cannot disconnect the default bucket in Archive, you need to set a different bucket as the default first.

If you attempt to disconnect a bucket in CloudM, the following rules apply:

  • The bucket cannot be the default bucket
  • The bucket cannot have any data referencing it in CloudM Archive e.g. database rows

We recommend you clear data from your CloudM Archive bucket by reducing the retention period and the Archive system will purge the data.

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