Upgrading to Version 3.42 with Secondary Servers

There have been some changes made to the internal messaging system used within Migrate. Whilst this has minimal impact on day to day migrations, there are some key points to be aware of;

  1. If upgrading from version or below and you have connected secondary servers, you will not be able to use the remote connections 'Upgrade Servers' button on this occasion. You will need to wait for the primary server upgrade to finish first before manually upgrading any secondary servers to avoid connection issues.
    1. This can be done by running the installer first on your primary server, then once this is complete running the installer on your secondary servers. Once this has completed, you will then be able to see your secondary servers listed again within the remote connections section
  2. If installing from the command line, follow the instructions in this article - https://support.cloudm.io/hc/en-us/articles/9116375076380-Installing-Upgrading-from-the-Command-Line
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