Can I use CloudM Automate alongside Okta?


Whilst we don't have a direct integration with Okta you are able to use both platforms alongside one another. Both Okta and CloudM sync directly to Google Workspace. CloudM offers a two-way sync from Google Workspace meaning any changes made in GWS reflect to CloudM and vice versa. 

Therefore if you are using Okta to provision or de-provision an account, these changes will reflect in Google Workspace and any changes to the user will then pull through to CloudM. 
Please see Okta's article here for further details on how they sync with Google. 
For example, if you use Okta to provision an account and assign it with certain profile information, this will sync with GWS which syncs with CloudM. Depending on your setup in CloudM this user could then automatically be assigned to a Smart Team and have access to the documents, calendars and drive they need. 
Likewise, if Okta triggered an account to be suspended in Google and you have a CloudM offboarding policy in place, the user will start offboarding and Archiving via.CloudM
We have a number of customers who successfully use both Okta Workflows and Okta Identity Management. If you'd like further support on your setup to allow Okta and CloudM to complement each other please reach out to your Customer Success representative. 
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